Help my girlfriend get out of her abusive household


My girlfriend is stuck in an abusive household, trying desperately to work and save up for a plane ticket and a down payment for an apartment. Her mother physically and verbally assaults her, beating her down and driving her to the point of near suicide. Her attacks keep getting more frequent and worse.
My girlfriend has no car to escape with or to drive to work, and can’t afford to buy one. She walks every day and she is physically and mentally exhausted. And has called me several times crying over the past few months after suffering more abuse.
We haven’t seen each other in months after falling into financial problems. And she needs help to escape that household. All she needs is enough to buy a plane ticket, put down for an apartment and put down on a car so she can get back on her feet. Every little bit helps. And if you have nothing to spare, then please spread the word! Please help her escape so that she can begin her life again.